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ASUS Announced as Asia’s Most Socially Responsible Company in 2020

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  • First for Taiwan: ASUS is the first company in Taiwan to win the award for Asia’s Most Socially Responsible Company.
  • Recognized for clear leadership: ASUS has achieved success through strong integration of sustainable practices into the company’s business operations.
  • Investment in digital inclusion: ASUS initiatives have helped bridge the digital gap and provide opportunities for over half a million people around the world.
  • ASUS 2019 CSR Report released: Report details company performance and achievements in the government, environment and sociality over the past year.

ASUS today announced that the company has been recognized as the Most Socially Responsible Company in Asia in 2020, marking the first time that a company from Taiwan has been awarded this distinction. This illustrious achievement was revealed at the Asia Corporate Excellence & Sustainability (ACES) Awards 2020, and coincides with the release of the ASUS 2019 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report.

The ACES Awards celebrates Asia’s most renowned business leaders, corporations and brands, adhering to an exacting multi-stage process in order to identify, select and interview organizations across a range leadership and sustainability categories.


ASUS demonstrates clear leadership and world-leading sustainable procurement

In support of its decision to recognize ASUS as Asia’s Most Socially Responsible Company of the Year, ACES has released a detailed report into the evaluation methodology followed in reaching its conclusion. This report cited multiple instances where ASUS has achieved significant success in the company’s CSR efforts, aided by clear leadership. These include the strong integration of sustainable practices into the company’s business operations reflecting effective leadership, and evidenced through the Sustainability Strategy, 2020 Sustainability Goals, reporting, effective materiality and stakeholder-engagement processes, and community investments.

The ACES Awards 2020 Evaluation Report also identified that consideration of environmental impacts is well-integrated along the ASUS value chain, spanning product design, supply chain management, operations and product end-of-life management. The ACES judging panel recognized ASUS for the company’s clear leadership in the field.

The report summarizes how, in 2018, ASUS became the first global IT brand to publish an environmental profit and loss (EP&L) assessment report — assigning financial value to the environmental impacts of the company’s products. It also recognizes that, in 2019, ASUS was the first company in the world to achieve ISO 20400:2017 certification for sustainable procurement. ASUS plans to incorporate the company’s EP&L method into procurement processes, both to apply further sustainability to the company’s own supply chain and to demonstrate to the broader industry the environmental costs linked to various production methods.

“Upon achieving our 2020 Sustainability Goals, ASUS will establish a new set of standards known as the 2025 Sustainability Goals. For this new set of standards, ASUS will bring about positive changes for society and for the environment using a triple-bottom-line accounting model, which will help in realizing a new vision of sustainability,” said ASUS Chairman Jonney Shih.

Digital inclusion and employee wellbeing embedded into the ASUS approach to CSR

The ACES judges also identified how community investments made by ASUS are closely aligned to the company’s core business practices and monitored using an internationally recognized Social Return on Investment (SROI) approach.

The company’s flagship initiative, led by the ASUS Foundation, has helped to establish more than 500 ‘digital opportunity centers’ in 38 nations — and the company has made donations to date of some 16,000 new and refurbished notebook computers, tablets and other devices. Volunteer activities promoted digital learning to improve digital skills of children in rural areas as well as disadvantaged students and young adults. ASUS estimates that over 550,000 people have either directly benefited or otherwise been involved since launch.

The ACES judges recognized workplace practices as ASUS, concluding that ASUS follows best practices with policies designed to create a vibrant workplace culture that serves to develop and motivate employees. Additionally, ASUS has put multiple initiatives in place to boost the health and wellbeing of employees.

ASUS 2019 Corporate Social Responsibility Report now available

Each year, ASUS releases a comprehensive CSR Report to reveal the strategies, management structures and achievements made by the company in relation to various sustainability initiatives. It also demonstrates how ASUS has addressed the expectations of stakeholders in regard to sustainability initiatives that have been established to protect the environment and benefit society. The ASUS CSR Report for the 2019 fiscal year is now available at


This year, key information related to ASUS CSR efforts is being presented in two reports. The first is the ASUS 2019 Executive Summary that provides an overview of the ASUS sustainability strategy and vision, as well as key achievements and material topics. The second is the CSR Detailed Report, which includes information that provides stakeholders with a clear understanding of ASUS governance, environmental and social policies and initiatives. It also explores the positive impacts that these efforts are effecting across the value chain and on the environment, employees and society.

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