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Occupational Safety and Health

Occupational Safety and Health

Operational Health and Safety Management

To encourage participation of all employees and to achieve effective communication, ASUS established an "Occupational Safety and Health Committee" comprising 18 working level and management members. Meetings are convened quarterly to review the relevant safety and health issues stipulated in the laws and regulations, including the contents of occupational disaster investigation reports, operating environment monitoring results, safety and health education and training and annual audit results.

Including 10 working level representatives

Operational Health and Safety Risk Identification

Following ASUS’s Social and Environmental Responsibility Policy, which includes Occupational Safety and Health, ASUS invites SERASUS members from various departments and Safety&Health Dept. to jointly conduct the “Environmental Consideration and Safety and Health Risk Identification” every year. At the same time, with an objective two-way view, the past occurrences, potential hazards, current affairs issues, annual audits or incidents reported by stakeholders of various departments are reviewed, and the "Annual Material Environmental Considerations and Intolerable Risks" are determined by the composite rating.

For Annual Material Environmental Considerations and Intolerable Risks in 2022, please click HERE.

Occupational Safety and Health Response Drill

ASUS has been promoting the "Workplace GO Safety Incentive System" through safety and health hazard identification, education and training, disaster prevention simulation exercises, and full employee participation and "zero disaster" goals to enhance workplace safety awareness and ensure workplace safety.

ASUS collaborated with local fire departments to hold drills and experience activities in 2022 and had completed 8 drills for earthquake, infectious disease, typhoon and flood, chemical disaster, myocardial infarction, etc.

Health Management

ASUS adheres to the business philosophy of "inspire, motivate, and nurture employees," by providing annual health check-up service, which is superior to the provisions set out in the "Regulations Governing the Labor Health Protection,"to its employees. In addition, any abnormality discovered in the check-up is analyzed, managed and tracked according to the level of severity. Doctors and nurses regularly monitor the abnormality, assist in medical referrals, and promote various health promotion activities. We believe this could help employees to have a healthy body.

The participation rate of colleagues in the headquarters hit 91% in 2022

The participation rate of colleagues in the headquarters hit 91% in 2022, and with the care and follow-up by occupational health nurses, some 79% of individuals with highly high anomalies have completed their re-examinations, treatments or improvements. Additionally, ASUS achieved the goal of sustainable operation of healthy workplaces by partnering with neighboring hospitals, while promoting health activities.

ASUS provides occupational disease prevention and consultation with professional medical specialists for employees, and developed a health management platform to carry out ergonomic hazards, maternity protection, overwork and abnormal health check-ups so as to filter at-risk groups. Intervention care would be offered by nurses, occupational safety personnel, and human resources personnel, and where necessary, clinical consultations would be arranged to execute the prevention and management of occupational diseases. Occupational specialists have stepped in to improve and follow up with personnel with ergonomic, maternity and overwork anomalies in 2022.

ASUS takes the physical, mental and spiritual health of employees very seriously and promoted holistic health development plans, with health advocacy covering:

Physical Activities

exercise, hydration, physical wellness

Psychosocial Support

diverse psychological care services, employee assistance program (EAP), sleeping problem, psychological seminars

Welfare and Team Buildings

parent-child day, family day, department team building day, beach cleaning

Global Wellness Council Smoke-Free Certified™ Workplace

The Smoke-Free Certified™ Workplace is an initiative by the Global Wellness Council to help democratize work spaces for both smokers and non-smokers. It works at a corporate level to promote 100% smoke-free environment and create a physical barrier against first-hand and second-hand smoking.

The Global Wellness Council’s Smoke-Free Certified™ Workplace adopts a stringent framework aligned to that of the World Health Organization, and industry best-practices designed for ease of adoption and long-term compliance. As the first of 3 standards issued by Global Wellness Council, it seeks to assure the authenticity of the company's commitment to creating a Smoke-Free environment and ensuring a healthy and safe environment for employees.

Smoke-Free Certified™ Workplace Standards was developed with the input of respected leaders from leading academic institutions and international corporations. The Smoke-Free Certified™ Workplace Standard ensures that workplaces have a GENUINE and SYSTEMATIC approach to create and maintain a 100% Smoke-Free environment indoors.

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Friendly Resting Place

Recreational Facilities

To balance employees' work and life, ASUS has a combined court for different sports, heated swimming pools (adult pool, children's pool, and spa pool), gym, sauna chamber, aerobics classroom, shower rooms, and outdoor sunbathing site, which motivates employees to exercise before and after work and to exercise with peers on holidays to alleviate work stress.

Caring for Female Employees

Since 2010, ASUS has continued to provide good breastfeeding facilities. In 2019, ASUS optimized the environment of the breastfeeding facilities by changing the door control and setting up interdependent rooms; in 2022, we installed emergency phones in each independent space to enhance the privacy and safety of breastfeeding. In 2022, 2,750 women of childbearing age were assessed for workplace safety and health risks, and health education and promotion were completed. In addition, 74 pregnant mothers were provided with operational risk identification, health education and doctor consultation services, as well as good pregnancy gifts, special lounge chairs for pregnant mothers and car parking spaces to make mothers feel sweet and happy.

In 2022, the return-to-work rate for females after parental leave in the headquarters and after maternity leave in Mainland China was 70% and 100%, accordingly; the retention rate for females after returning to work for 12 months in the headquarters and in Mainland China was 91% and 78%, respectfully. The high return to work rate and retention rate in the headquarters and Mainland China show that ASUS would not force females to leave due to pregnancy or parenting and that it is committed to providing a gender equality environment.