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Innovation Development

Innovation Development



As of the end of 2022, we have obtained 5,978 patents worldwide.

AI-enabled Smart Factory

Built the first ASUS AI-enabled smart factory.

Best Taiwan Global Brands

2023 is the ninth year that ASUS has been ranked the first in Best Taiwan Global Brands for the 9th year.

ASUS design thinking is the driving force behind innovation. ASUS has leveraged investments, M&A, intensive industrial-academic cooperations, and strategic alliances on the foundations of its core businesses to actively expand into new businesses and create competitive advantages for the sustainability of the Company. To support the ASUS Sustainability Strategy, we use the core competitiveness to promote sustainable digital transformation, open innovation and process innovation, and adopt a comprehensive impact assessment framework to disclose corporate value creation which is shared and built with our stakeholders.

Design Thinking

Design thinking is an important concept and framework for ASUS's creation of innovative products and services. Design thinking includes three aspects: desirability, feasibility, and viability.

ASUS' design thinking strategy focuses on people-centered and consumer experience as the starting point. The sequence of design thinking begins with people's desirability, and then evaluates technological feasibility and commercial survivability. The design thinking considered by ASUS is to provide customers with a meaningful and feasible user happiness experience by understanding the needs of users with the intermediate set of three aspects.

Innovation Management

Innovation is the most important core foundation for ASUS to evolve to a more competitive and sustainable future. ASUS is committed to creating solid and sophisticated technologies without compromising quality and excellence. With a design thinking, we can transform users’ desires and experiences into our first step of innovation to build a truly user-friendly and smart life. The management framework for our strategic innovation is built on the three cornerstones of “industry-academic cooperation", "innovation promotion", and "strategic investment".

Innovation Initiatives

Initiate cooperation with external innovation institutions, build innovative ecological partners, and actively co-create with industrial start-ups, in order to quickly respond to customer needs and market changes, and bring different creative inspiration and business development opportunities to the company.

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Industrial-Academic Cooperations

The cooperation between industry, government and academia is aming to conclude a long-term formal relationship. The Innovation and Development Office is actively expanding its tentacles at home and abroad, creating connections, and seeking various possibilities for technology introduction, service diffusion, and brand innovation.

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Strategic Investments

In order to strengthen the core business competitive advantage for all business units and fill the development gap, we make strategic investments in external resources to develop new businesses or expand into emerging markets, so that the overall revenue of the Group will grow by keeping up to date with industrial development trends for more development opportunities.

To do this, the Innovation Development Office developed a strategic investment proposal process in five stages: demand confirmation, investment proposal, investment review, investment execution, and post investment management. The Office is working with the Investment Department and the Accounting Department tostrive for maximum benefits.

In 2022, the Innovation Development Office learned from Case 1,472 in the domestic and foreign startup database to select nearly a hundred startups in three categories: smart manufacturing, sustainable issues, and future development for further analysis and review. As of the end of 2022, we have selected 10 proposals for subsequent development.

Innovative Products and Services

In addition to continuous innovation and growth in existing personal computers (PC) and gaming businesses, the active transformation targets of ASUS also include the accelerated development of the AIoT and 5G ecosystems and the development of the third engine of growth in smart healthcare and smart manufacturing industries. In 2022, ASUS established the "ASUS - AI and Cloud campus" to use cloud services to develop the AIHPC high-performance computing and big data platform necessary for the development of artificial intelligence. We continue to work with external partners in AI applications in manufacturing, medical services, finance, and smart city.

Smart Manufacturing

In 2022, the ASUS Smart Factory in Shulin was officially opened. Key Digital Technologies at ASUS Smart Factory :

  • Central monitoring and management platform: can digitize and visualize equipment operation status to provide operational efficiency
  • Introduced AR smart glasses: to build an action situation room to improve inspection efficiency
  • Developed our own AI defect detection equipment: to detect errors in 15 seconds with an accuracy rate of 98% to 99%, thereby reducing the cost of recalling defective products on the market
  • Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) Material Handling Control System: can reduce manual work and improve factory efficiency

Smart Healthcare

  • Cooperated with the Swiss Roche Group (Roche) to develop the Lumos Real-World Data Platform.
  • Develop a hand-held ultrasonic machine which volume is only 2% of the traditional ultrasonic machine.
  • ASUS AI Endoscopy Lesion Detection System (EndoAim) can perform real time polyp detection through endoscopic imaging, with sensitivity of 97% and specificity of 98%, significantly reducing the omission rate.
  • ASUS VivoWatch approved by TFDA of the Ministry of Health and Welfare for its Medical Device Software.

Smart Retail

The development trend of online and offline integration(Online merge offline, OMO) towards Retail 4.0. ASUS Smart Retail focuses on developing lightweight AI services for retail scenarios, and SaaS services for retail membership data platforms. Based on the four retail elements of people, goods, venues, and vehicles, we provided a one-stop retail software and hardware service solution for the retail and catering industry in 2022. This solution can provide identification of unlabeled fresh products, inventory management of shelf display products, intelligent license plate Edge AI identification, and membership management.

Smart Manufacturing

ASUS AI solutions for the manufacturing industry take the form of IoT solutions for Industry 4.0. They help optimize the process and yield and enable develop a wide range of AI environments that can be adapted for different edge computing requirements. They allow users to choose a new version of the framework when building models so that the high flexibility of AI applications to be embedded in the manufacturing industry.

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Smart Healthcare

ASUS actively develops smart healthcare applications and strengthens the innovation in the services in healthcare and cloud. We seek to create the next-generation medical information platform to support the digital transformation of healthcare and meet international standards.

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Smart Retail

In addition to providing network security, ASUS Smart Retail Solution also develops high-tech identification systems, such as mask detection facial recognition systems and object recognition systems to facilitate retailers to manage inventory. At the same time, it has cooperation with Intel Internet of Things solutions to allow customers painless digital transformation .

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Management of Intellectual Property Rights

The Company is committed to innovation and R&D. Intellectual property rights is one of the key results for R&D and we have steadily increased the number of patent applications filed worldwide every year. As of the end of 2022, we have obtained 5,978 worldwide. In 2022, ASUS obtained 658 patents worldwide, which was a 8% increase from 2021. They included 192 patents in Taiwan, 164 patents in other regions in Asia, and 302 patents in Europe and The United States.

ASUS also made substantial investments in the development of high-end communications market, and has filed 404 patents in the communications field as of the end of 2022. ASUS regularly announces standard essential patents (SEPs) in line with the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). From 2018 to the end of 2022, we have accumulated the announcement of 278 patent families (excluding extensions). The number of patents for overall communication standards is steadily increasing.

Having been part of the 3GPP Mobile Communication Standards organization since 2000, we are committed to developing 3G/4G/5G Standard Essential Patents (SEP). We have built a solid 3GPP SEP patent portfolio and achieved fruitful results in 3GPP SEP licensing. In April 2022, we founded the ASUS Technology Licensing Inc. (ATL) to dedicate to the most forward-looking research on mobile communication technologies.