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Packaging Innovations and Solutions

Packaging Innovations and Solutions

In addition, under the premise of maintaining safe transportation, we reduce the waste of the internal space of the packaging and the packaging volume to decrease the use of materials. We also consider the way of stacking. It not only could improve transportation efficiency, but also could prevent damage caused by transporting products of different sizes.


Reduce Single-Use Materials

Laptops packaging contains more than 90% recycled pulp and more than 95% of the materials for the box is paper-based, which reduces single-use plastic.


Circular Use

With simple design of packaging structure, a laptop holder can be easily and quickly assembled to provide protection, support, and cord holding purposes to achieve our goal of reuse packaging materials.


Zero Plastic and Adhesive Free Design

The Packaging of ROG Xbox Controller is designed through modularization to be used in both high and low end computers, and designed with 100% recyclable wet molded pulp that are zero plastic and adhesive free.


Innovative Green and Eco-friendly Materials

The packaging of ROG and BATMAN co-branded phones uses EPP material (high crystalline polypropylene), which is a green and eco-friendly material that can be recycled and reused without causing plasticization pollution. It lightweight design can achieve less packaging weight and carbon emissions during transportation.


FSC™-Certified Paper​

The packaging of Moca adapter uses 95% FSC™-certified paper, along with a non-adhesive structure design and eco-friendly non-toxic ink printing to demonstrate our core value of sustainability.


Lightweight Packaging Materials

The new generation display has an average reduction of 12% in packaging volume compared to the previous generations, and thus can improve the space utilization during transportation which is 19% more efficient.