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Initiatives and Groups

Initiatives and Groups


Become a member of RE100 in 2021 and declare that global operations centers will use 100% of renewable energy by 2035

RE100 is an international initiative launched in 2014 by the Climate Group and the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

ASUS joined RE100 and commit to use 100% renewable energy with more than 300 companies around the world. In April 2021, ASUS announced the goal of using 100% renewable energy in Taiwan-based operations centers by 2030; and in global operations centers by 2035.

Both of ASUS' operation headquarters have obtained ISO 50001 energy management system certification. We dedicate to achieve RE100 by energy-saving plans, signing green Power Purchase Agreements, purchasing renewable energy certificates and green power construction investment.

Please refer to the official website for more information: RE100

Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)

Using the TCFD climate-related financial disclosure framework to identify major climate risks and strategic actions

ASUS is a founding member of the "Taiwan Climate Partnership" jointly initiated by eight climate-leading technology companies in Taiwan.

It combines the strength of partners in the alliance and cooperates with international climate initiatives. In order to let investors and stakeholders understand ASUS’s climate actions, the Financial Stability Board (FSB)’s Climate-related Financial Disclosure Recommendation (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures, TCFD) will be used for the first time in 2021 , to identify major climate risks and opportunities, and measure the impact on operations and finances under different scenarios, so as to set management goals, formulate response countermeasures and actions, and systematically disclose the progress and results of response actions.

Please refer to the official website for more information: ASUS TCFD report


Following a 1.5°C reduction path towards net zero

SBTi (Science Based Target initiative) is a joint initiative of the UN Global Compact, the World Resources Institute, the World Wide Fund for Nature, and the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

It is a scientific method for enterprises to formulate reasonable carbon reduction goals under the global carbon budget scenario of controlling global warming under 1.5°C and it can be certified by a third party.

ASUS Group was approved by SBTi for the near-term targets, following a 1.5°C reduction path towards net zero.

Please refer to the official website for more information: SBTi


Create a sustainable supply chain as a full member of the Responsible Business Alliance

ASUS became a full member of Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) in 2018 to take on greater responsibilities as the producer. We includes the PAS7000 and SA8000 standards and set the ASUS Supplier Code of Conduct to strengthen the protection of young and female employees.

In accordance with the RBA, we identify risks, conduct on-site audits, and assist the supply chain by training course for more than 300 suppliers and OEMs with a quarterly purchase amount of NT$2.5 million each year.

Please refer to the official website for more information: RBA

RMI-Tin Working Group(TWG)

Prohibiting minerals from conflict areas, ASUS also pays attention to non-sustainable mining sources

In addition to prohibiting minerals from conflict areas, ASUS also pays attention to non-sustainable mining sources in Indonesia. Tin is an essential metal for electronic products, but due to the lack of management and the neglect of multinational companies, the mining in Indonesia has caused poor working conditions and serious environmental damage.

Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI) Indonesian Tin Working Group (TWG) is an organization composed by electronics companies, tin mining companies, industry groups and social activists.

ASUS joined the organization to support the project and expect to improve the impact of non-sustainable mining on the local environment.

Please refer to the official website for more information: TWG

The PREVENT Waste Alliance

Dedicated to reducing environmental resource waste and promoting the circular economy

The PREVENT Waste Alliance serves as a platform for exchange and international corporation. Organizations from the private sector, academic, civil society, and public institutions jointly engage for a circular economy. The alliance aims to minimize the waste of environmental resources, eliminate pollutants, and reuse resources.

ASUS not only complies with global electronic waste recycling regulations but also joined the PREVENT Waste Alliance in 2023 and participated in the working group. Upholding the concept of sustainable development, ASUS collaborates with stakeholders worldwide through the alliance to promote the circular economy.

Please refer to the official website for more information: The PREVENT Waste Alliance