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Eco Labels in Sustainable ASUS Products

Eco labels help customers identify products that are environmentally friendly. They indicate a product’s qualifications for stricter environmental standards that exceed basic requirements regulated by law. This helps customers make confident decisions when choosing a product designed with ec...

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Circular Transition Indicators Case Study

“At ASUS, we advocate that sustainability performance should involve strategic indicators that can be objectively measured. Every decision-making process needs to incorporate environmental and social factors to help keep our competitive advantage focused on sustainability. This is consistent w...

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Design Low-Carbon Products by Incorporating Circular Economy Principles

26% reduction in Scope 3 emissions associated with use of sold products. 25% increase in environmentally friendly materials. Summary Design low carbon products by incorporating circular economy principles into product design focusing on eco-friendly materials & ene...

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How ASUS Helps Sustain an Incredible, Greener Future

Laptop manufacturers nowadays carry much more responsibility than just generating profit. ASUS takes its commitment to a sustainable, green future seriously. We apply environmentally-friendly practices at all levels of operations—from how we build our laptops, to your ASUS laptop ...

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